The Gingerbread Industry
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Since the beginning of free commercial trade in Bavaria,
in 1867, machinery has been used for the production of
Nuremberg gingerbread - initially mixing and kneading machines. The Nuremberg gingerbread industry is now largely automated. However, the city's bakeries still produce hand-shaped and decorated cakes.

Wintertime is gingerbread time - at the end of August over
4.000 busy hands in the Nuremberg gingerbread industry begin to produce this traditional speciality. Roughly 2.000 of these wafer-based cookies are placed on baking trays each minute and begin their journey along the many production lines.

The producers pay close attention to the choice of tin or box used to package the cookies. The most imaginative and nostalgic containers have become real collectors' items.

In addition to many small, family-run bakeries, the following firms play a major role in the traditional gingerbread industry:

Burg Lebkuchen Burg Lebkuchen  
Ifri-Schuhmann-Lebkuchen Ifri-Schuhmann-Lebkuchen
  E. Otto Schmidt E. Otto Schmidt   Wicklein-Lebkuchen Wicklein-Lebkuchen
  Haeberlein-Metzger Haeberlein-Metzger   Wolff Lebkuchen Wolff Lebkuchen
  Weiss Lebkuchen Weiss Lebkuchen  

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